Strike Sewist Program

Effective date 7/27/2021


1. All Strike Sewists will get items for rounds they would like to promote in. If you promote for a round, you are expected to have your makes done before Retail is going to open. We expect the makes to be done 7 days after receiving your product.

2. All Strike Sewists are expected to take professional looking photos of your makes that are eye catching to our items that are on your makes. Your makes should of anything related to bags since we are a bag-making hardware store.

3. Strike Sewists are expected to promote those photos in our group and other groups that allow spamming (please read group rules to all groups before you spam in their group).

4. All strike items get sent to you for free, but the strike member does pay the shipping for items. To order your strike package, please go to:


1. All Strike Sewists gets 20% off of preorders they promote for, and we also have a contest in our strike team group for our Strike Sewists of how many new members they can bring over to our group each round.

2. Strike Sewist will also get 15% off all Retail products via a personal coupon code (valid during current Retail until next Pre-Order goes live).

3. An opportunity to earn commission for referring customers. Each Strike Sewists will be given their own custom coupon code. If a customer uses their coupon code, the customer will receive 10% off their order and the Strike Sewist will receive 5% commission. This commission will be compensated in form as a gift card. Commission is valid during current Retail until next Pre-Order goes live.

Please message me on Facebook if you have any questions.


    Thank you for being part of the Bedazzled Supplies family.